At TalentED YYC, we believe in the power of student talent and the transformative impact they can have on businesses like yours. This summer, we’re launching an campaign busting myths about hiring student talent to bring awareness to any misconceptions that might be preventing employers from hiring incredible student talent!

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What to Expect

Weekly Myth Busting Posts: Every week, we’ll address a common myth about hiring students, and tackle how these misconceptions hold us back. We will also show how student talent, through various Work Integrated Learning (WIL) placements like internships and practicums, can greatly benefit your organization. Stay tuned for insights, real-world examples, and actionable tips!

Success Stories: We’ll share inspiring stories from Calgary employers who have partnered with TalentED YYC. Discover how these businesses have successfully integrated students into their teams through capstone projects, grants, student wage subsidies, and industry placement programs!

Expert Insights: Our blog will feature interviews with industry experts and professionals who will provide their perspectives on the value of student hiring through Work Integrated Learning. Discover how to effectively onboard and mentor students to maximize their potential, including insights into funding and grants from our funding distributors!

Sneak Peek Myth Topics

This summer we are busting myths about hiring student talent! Here are a few misconceptions we plan to tackle!

Arrow Icon“My business can’t afford to take on a student” – Hear from our funding distribution partners about available funding resources like the Canada Summer Jobs wage subsidy. Connect with our team today to learn more about your funding eligibility!

Arrow Icon“Graduate Students Are Old” – Discover the diverse age range and innovative mindsets of today’s graduate students.

Arrow Icon“Hiring Students Is Too Complicated” – Learn how our streamlined processes make hiring students quick and easy, including how to hire a co-op student.

Arrow Icon“Students Lack Real-World Skills” – See how students bring fresh perspectives and valuable skills that can drive your business forward.

Arrow Icon“It’s Not Relevant to My Industry” – Find out how student talent is versatile, transferable, and beneficial across all industries.

The Benefits of Student Work Placement Programs

Student work placement programs like co-ops, field placements, and internships are fantastic opportunities for students looking to learn the industry of their study, and for employers looking to build a successful future for their organization.

Employers who take on students for work placement programs enjoy many benefits. Hiring students means accessing a fresh talent pool educated in the latest technology and industry practices. Many students are comfortable with new and changing technologies and are eager to adapt and grow. With fresh perspectives and a desire to impress, students work hard to make an impact on their teams.

By investing in students and supporting their career learning, companies can build and grow the employees they want to see in the future, expanding their pool of hirable candidates in the long run. Students, eager to build connections and grow in their careers, are likely to stay with their chosen company and grow into higher roles.

Weekly Updates

We’ll keep this section updated with links to our latest myth-busting posts on LinkedIn. Check back regularly to stay informed!

  • Myth 1: Graduate Students Are ‘Old’
  • Myth 2: My Organization Cannot Afford to Hire a Student
  • Myth 3: Hiring Students Is Too Complicated
  • Myth 4: Students Lack Real-World Skills
  • Myth 5: It’s Not Relevant to My Industry

Join us this summer as we are busting myths about hiring student talent!

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Student hiring is easier than you think, and we are here to support you every step of the way!