How Students Can Help

There are many different ways your organization can benefit from student talent. When you hire a student they can assist with a short term project, join your company for a one year internship, or provide an extra set of hands during a semester long practicum placement.

Learn more below and discover which student placement type would work for you!







Success Stories

Carya Logo

Carya is a social impact agency in Calgary dedicated to building strong families and communities. TalentED YYC helped Carya successfully connect with student talent through our online posting portal and resources.

Hidden Gemz Logo

Hidden Gemz revolutionizes city exploration by putting the power in the user’s hands. Users decide which local favourites/ attractions deserve recognition. TalentED YYC helped Hidden Gemz hire a marketing student to double their reach on social media platforms. 

Catch Communications Logo

Catch Communications is a Calgary-based marketing and communications agency. Catch has leveraged student talent in a number of ways including web development, marketing coordination, and more.

Benefits Of Engaging A Student

Students on your team who are benefitting your organization.

Team members who are eager to assist with the current workload

Students bring ideas to help your organization benefit.

Fresh ideas and perspectives to support specific projects

Your organization's future workforce growing because of student talent.

Access to an educated talent pipeline for your future workforce

The skill gaps in your organization will be filled by student talent.

Trained new staff members who can fill skill gaps

Your organization will benefit from the research and technology student talent brings.

Insight into the latest research and technology

Your organization giving back to the community through hiring student talent.

The ability to give back to the community in a tangible way