Congratulations! You’ve received notice that you have been granted Canada Summer Jobs funding to hire a summer student.

Finding a talented young person with the skills you need for this season isn’t always an easy task, especially on short notice. It’s one thing to post your student job on your own website, but that may not guarantee that the right students will find your posting.

TalentED YYC is a pilot project championed by Calgary Economic Development and supported by 9 community partners, and our goal is to make it easier for employers to connect to post-secondary student talent. By accessing our free services, we can amplify your job posting and help you find a student quickly!

TalentED YYC can help you:

1. Reach many Calgary students through one job posting.

TalentED YYC has a free, central job posting platform. Create an account, upload your job, and it can be sent directly to the job boards at all our partner schools. Partners include Ambrose University, AU Arts, Bow Valley College, Mount Royal University, SAIT, St. Mary’s University, and the University of Calgary.

2. Access free resources to ensure an excellent experience.

TalentED YYC has collected extensive resources to make your summer student hosting experience a good one…including guides on hiring and onboarding, interviewing ideas, performance assessment strategies, and more. Whether you’ve hosted many students, or this is the first time, our employer advisers can also provide free advice and resources to make your
experience amazing.

3. Get expert advice on creating a compelling posting.

If you’re not sure what type of student would best fit your organization’s needs for the summer, TalentED YYC offers free advice to help you create a strong posting. TalentED YYC’s staff have excellent knowledge of what programs are offered at each school and can help you craft a posting that will connect you with the skilled students you need.

4. Find additional funding support.

Even if you received Canada Summer Jobs funding, our team can provide information on additional funding streams from 20 different funding delivery partners. If you’d like more information on additional options, connect with the team.

If you’re ready for free expert advice and support on how to find the student you need this summer, connect with us today!

Create your portal profile at or email us at for advice and resources!

TalentED YYC is a collaborative partnership between Ambrose University, AU Arts, Bow Valley College, Mount Royal University, SAIT, St. Mary’s University, the University of Calgary, the Calgary Chamber of Commerce, the Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations, and championed by Calgary Economic Development.