Student Placement Examples

Community and Industry Research Projects

A journalism and digital media student collaborated with Canadian Parks Council (CPC), to assess the performance of various parks systems across Canada during the COVID-19 pandemic. The student travelled to conduct field interviews, assessed multiple variable points affecting park systems, and presented the final research project at conference. 


Students aided a non-for-profit organization by designing and implementing surveys, forming client impact reports, and creating external communication materials. By including a student in their organization, the non-for-profit’s community impact was increased as the students completed tasks which previously lacked resources. 

Field Placement

Students studying behavioural science actively engaged in supervision, feedback collection, and connecting with clients and youth at a local psychology agency. Students were able to better relate with younger clients and form genuine relationships. 

Internship/Community Service Learning

Interns from various post-secondary institutions work with Globalfest as summer internship positions relating to coordination in marketing, volunteers, and administrative work. Interns brought their own skills, talents, and passions gained through their education to provide beneficial contributions to the popular community event.