Employer FAQ


What is Calgary Work Integrated Learning (WIL)?

Calgary WIL is a consortium of 10 partners, including seven Calgary-based public post-secondary institutions, Calgary Chamber of Commerce, and Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations. “Used for legal processes and to identify the larger group behind the pilot project”. 

  •  Not a separate entity – Affiliated with Calgary Economic Development 
  • Pilot program that aims to grow a skilled talent pool and equip students with practical experience to thrive in the new economy.  
  • PSI partnerships 
  • Government funded initiative (GoA, Prairie’s Economic Development Can, Future Skills, BHER) 
  • Stewardship group  
  • Vision/mission/goals: Local organizations are engaged to explore and expand student opportunities with the support of our Employer Engagement Team.

Vision: We envision a future where employers have easy access to a skilled and enthusiastic talent pool, with every post-secondary student equipped with real-world experience that aligns with their academic pursuits and career aspirations. 

Mission: Our mission is to help employers build their talent pipeline by connecting them with a diverse pool of motivated post-secondary students, and to bridge the gap between education and employment by providing meaningful work experiences to every post-secondary student.  Goals:  

  • Talent Pipeline Development: To assist employers in building a robust talent pipeline by matching them with talented and qualified post-secondary students who add value to their organizations. 
  • Industry-Ready Graduates: To empower students with practical work experiences that prepare them to excel in their chosen professions and meet the demands of the job market. 
  • Diversity and Inclusion: To promote diversity and inclusion within the workforce by connecting employers with students from various backgrounds and communities. 
  • Employer Satisfaction: Our primary focus is on ensuring employer satisfaction by offering a comprehensive range of services tailored to support employers in finding the right talent to meet their organization’s specific needs 
  • Continuous Improvement: To continually enhance our services based on employer feedback and market trends, ensuring our program remains relevant and impactful. 
  • Advocacy and Awareness: To advocate for the value of work-integrated learning among employers, highlighting its benefits in shaping a skilled and competitive workforce. 
  • Long-Term Partnerships: To foster long-term partnerships with employers, becoming their preferred partner for talent acquisition and development needs. 

Tagline: Here are some suggestions: 

  • Empowering Careers, Enriching Organizations 
  • Unlocking Potential, Nurturing Success 
  • Bridging the Gap, Shaping Tomorrow 
  • Where Learning Meets Opportunity 

Note: As of July 2023, most materials, resources, and staff associated with the Calgary WIL project are branded under the TalentED YYC banner.  


What is TalentED YYC?

TalentED YYC is a resource platform to support Calgary and area employers interested in working with student talent. A component of TalentED YYC is our central portal where employers can post opportunities for students at all seven post-secondary institutions (PSIs) in Calgary based on the majors/programs offered by the PSIs 


What is the difference between Calgary WIL vs. TalentEDYYC ?

TalentED YYC is a product of the Calgary WIL pilot program. It includes… a resource platform to support Calgary and area employers interested in working with student talent. A component of TalentED YYC is our central portal where employers can post opportunities for students at all seven post-secondary institutions (PSIs) in Calgary based on the majors/programs offered by the PSIs 

What is WIL?

Work Integrated Learning is a form of experiential education that integrates a student’s academic studies with relevant workplace experience (CEWIL Canada, 2021). Three necessary partners for WIL to occur include student, an organization. 

What are the WIL types

he main difference between WIL types is the duration of, paid or unpaid, supervised or unsupervised, objectives, and evaluation of the placement.   


Cooperative Education 


Field Placement 




Fulltime (4, 6, 8 months)  

Fulltime (12-16 months) 

2 weeks – 3 months 




Paid by employer 

Paid or unpaid  

Generally unpaid 

Generally unpaid 

Generally unpaid 


By employer 

By employer 

By organizational representative 

By registered professionals  

By professor or instructor  


Simulated/supported job search  


Practice placement 

Hands-on learning opportunity  


Community service learning 


Apply disciplinary knowledge  

Practice based work experience for degrees that require licences / certificates 

Professional research and project experience  


Performance based 


Employer/Advisor check-in 


Student reflection 


Co-op work term enrollment 

Academic credit 



Student reflection 


Collaboration with community groups  

Academic requirement 

Performance based 


Professor evaluated 



Which types/size of businesses can participate? What are employer eligibility requirements?

Businesses of any size or type (non-profit, public, private) can participate. The employer/ organization needs to be Canadian owned or a Canadian subsidiary. To be eligible, the employer or organization should be incorporated and have been in operation for at least two years. Furthermore, it is essential for the company to have a payroll system in place. 

Which post-secondary job boards are included in the service?

We currently have partnerships with 7 public Calgary Post Secondary Institutions: University of Calgary, Mount Royal University, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology , Alberta University of the Arts, Bow Valley College, Ambrose University, and St. Mary’s University. 

Does TalentEDYYC directly hire students?

We provide and facilitate the process of acquiring student talent by connecting employers to PSIs. Thus, supporting employers in the hiring process.  

How can the TalentED YYC platform and Employer Engagement team help me?
  • The TalentED YYC platform and Employer Engagement team can provide you with a range of valuable assistance to meet your hiring and organizational needs: 
  • Expanded Talent Reach: Through our one-stop-shop platform, we enable you to connect with a broader pool of talented individuals by sharing your job positions with multiple Post-Secondary Institutions (PSIs). 
  • Funding Options Guidance: We offer personalized recommendations for funding options that align with your company’s specific needs and capabilities, helping you access resources to support your hiring initiatives. 
  • Application Vetting Support: (Still piloting) Our team can assist you in the process of vetting the received applications, streamlining the hiring process and ensuring you find the most suitable candidates efficiently. 
  • Enhanced Brand Visibility: Leveraging our active presence on social media channels, we help raise awareness of your brand, promoting your organization to a wider audience and potential candidates. 
  • Participation in Workshops: You will have the opportunity to participate in workshops tailored to address pressing issues and challenges faced by your organization, providing valuable insights and strategies for improvement. 
  • Support after Posting: Once your job posting is live, our dedicated team will actively monitor its performance and provide personalized solutions to increase student engagement if you find that you’re not receiving enough applicants. 

    Centralized Portal 

    Are there any limitations on the number of jobs that can be posted?

    There are no limitations on the number of jobs an organization can post. Currently, our program is in its pilot phase, primarily targeting the 7 post-secondary institutions (PSIs) in Calgary and matching their talent with local companies. While we do not have concrete plans for expansion at this moment, we have the aspiration to expand to other cities and PSIs in the future. However, the possibility of expansion is dependent on various factors and will be evaluated as we progress. 

    Is there a limit on the duration of job postings?

    There is no specific limit on the duration of job postings. Employers have the flexibility to set their desired deadline for the expiration of their postings. By default, our system assigns a one-month deadline from the time of posting. However, employers have the option to modify this deadline based on their specific requirements. They can also extend the deadline if necessary to ensure sufficient time for the posting to attract suitable candidates. 

    Can the service provide analytics or metrics on the performance of job postings?

    Employers can track and review the number of views their postings receive from both the participating post-secondary institutions (PSIs) and the students. These analytics allow employers to gauge the level of interest and engagement generated by their postings, enabling them to assess the effectiveness of their recruitment efforts

    How quickly are job postings visible on the post-secondary job boards?

    The posting will first undergo an approval process by both the Employer Engagement team and the PSIs. Therefore, we recommend factoring in a window of 2-3 business days for this review period. For instance, if you post your opportunity on April 10th, the earliest possibly GoLive date would be either April 12th or April 13th. Dates might differ with public holidays. 

    Additional Services 

    Are there any additional features or benefits offered along with the job posting service?

    We can recommend/advise funding options that can potentially provide wage subsidies for the positions you are posting. These funding options aim to support employers in offsetting the costs associated with hiring students.  

    Funding is available at both a federal and provincial level. For details on funding options and eligibility please refer to Resources – TalentED YYC or contact our specialists.  

    What is the pricing structure for using the service?

    Our program operates as an initiative supported by the Government of Alberta, and other funders (Future Skills Centre, Prairies Economic Development Canada and Business + Higher EducationRoundtable) which means that we provide our services at no cost to our users. We are dedicated to supporting employers and students in their work-integrated learning endeavors without any financial obligations. 

    Can the service integrate with applicant tracking systems or other HR software?

    Students can apply either by email or through the organization’s tracking system. This allows for seamless integration with applicant tracking systems or other HR software that the organization may already have in place. 

    Is there any customer support or assistance available if issues arise with job postings?

    CED Secretariate: The Employer Engagement (EE) Specialists are available to help address any concerns or troubleshoot any issues that may arise during the posting process. They will be more than happy to assist you with any inquiries or challenges you may encounter. 

    Is the service customizable to meet specific employer requirements or branding guidelines?

    We understand that each employer has unique needs and preferences when it comes to work-integrated learning opportunities. Our program is designed to be flexible and adaptable, allowing employers to tailor their postings, job descriptions, and requirements to align with their specific requirements. The EE Team works closely with employers to understand their needs and provide the necessary support to ensure a customized experience that meets their specific goals and objectives. Whether it’s the duration of the placement, specific skills or qualifications sought, or any other specific requirements, we strive to accommodate and customize the service to best suit the needs of each employer.  
    Once the employer creates their profile on our platform, they can add their own logo to their homepage. This allows them to showcase their company’s brand identity and maintain consistency with their established branding guidelines. 

    What measures are in place to ensure the confidentiality and security of job postings and applicant data?

    To ensure the confidentiality and security of job postings, our EE Team follows a strict protocol. Before making any significant edits or modifications to a job posting, the EE Team will always seek the employer’s approval. We understand the importance of maintaining the accuracy and integrity of your postings, and we value your input and control over the content. By obtaining your approval before implementing any changes, we ensure that your job postings remain in line with your requirements and that your confidential information is safeguarded. 

    No third party will have the ability to edit or modify the posting. This ensures that your job postings remain secure and confidential, with no unauthorized access or alterations from external sources. 

    Can the service assist with reaching out to specific student groups or majors within the post-secondary institutions?

    Our service provides the capability to target specific student groups or majors within the post-secondary institutions. You can choose the major/s and program/s that reflect the set of skills you’re looking for. We also offer a range of options to help you connect with the desired audience. You can target up to seven distinct student groups, including First-year Students, Indigenous Students, Newcomers to Canada (within 5 years), Persons with Disabilities, Rural/Remote Community Status, Visible Minority, and Women in STEM. 

    Are there any success stories or case studies from employers who have used the service?

    On our webpage and LinkedIn profile you can access employer testimonials. We have provided service to many employers, and anecdotally, they have found… 

    Here are some of the testimonials from employers who have worked with us: 

    Seisware: When we were considering hiring a summer student, the team at Calgary Economic Development was a wonderful resource. They helped us understand the hiring requirement for different academic institutions in Calgary and helped us quickly distribute our posting. The team also connected us with other resources that we can use in the future, like events, funding, and other programs for businesses like ours. We really appreciate the time and effort that CED put in! 

    BrainSTEM Alliance: Our team was struggling to understand which WIL type we should use to post through the portal. The Calgary WIL team was able to walk us through the option and help us post our opportunity to target different schools. They were also able to point us to a funding program we had never heard of before through VFC, which led to us being able to offer additional opportunities for students!  

    Can the service help in promoting employer branding or creating a company profile on the post-secondary job boards?

    By posting your opportunities on our portal, you gain visibility and exposure to the 7 post-secondary institutions (PSIs) in Calgary. When students review and apply to the job postings, the PSIs collect information about your company, which contributes to building your company profile and enhances your employer branding. This exposure to a wide pool of talented students and the association with reputable PSIs can significantly elevate your organization’s visibility and attract potential candidates who align with your company’s values and objectives.