It’s Monday morning, and you are scrolling through LinkedIn. As you move through your feed, you notice a trend. Many of your connections, and Calgary-based organizations that you follow are celebrating the onboarding of their new summer students. You realize that hiring a student is probably easy. It makes you wonder why your team has not hired one for the summer.

As you consider the possibility of bringing a student onto your team, you remember seeing a post by TalentED YYC. You recall that we support Calgary-based employers like you in bringing students into your organization. You visit our website, and you discover that hiring a student is easier than you thought!

There are four main ways that TalentED YYC makes it easy to hire a student

1. TalentED YYC provides individualized support

Navigating and choosing what type of student experience to offer may feel overwhelming. We understand that, and it’s exactly why we have a team of specialists to help you through the student recruitment process.

Typically, this involves a call to discuss your organization’s needs. Perhaps you only need student support on a single project, can only offer a part-time student placement, or you want an intern to join your team full-time for the entire summer. No matter what your organization needs, we can support you.

After sharing ideas about the options, our Employer Engagement specialists will help you access resources to create an experience that will work for you!

2. TalentED YYC can help you access funding

Are you worried about being able to pay a student for their efforts? Don’t be! Our team is well-versed in navigating the available grants to help support you in hiring a student. We will work with you to determine what types of funding that your organization can access. Some examples of available funding include Alberta WIL Vouchers, the Canada Summer Jobs program, Mitacs Grants, and the Student Work Placement Program. To learn more about each of these funding resources, visit the funding resources section of our website!

P.S. Paying your student may not be necessary based on the work experience that your organization aims to provide. This means that anyone can bring a student onto their team!

3. TalentED YYC helps you tap into existing student placement programs

Did you know that TalentED YYC is partnered with all of Calgary’s post-secondary institutions? Since many post-secondary programs offer or require student work experience, there are pre-existing resources to help you create a student opportunity. For example, the beta version of the Work Integrated Learning Catalogue allows you to explore the criteria of different post-secondary student work programs. To see what programs fit your organization’s needs, visit the catalogue.

Since TalentED YYC is partnered with all seven of Calgary’s post-secondary institutions, posting your student opportunity through our portal means that your student opportunity will get in front of relevant students at all the schools in Calgary – with one click!

4. TalentED YYC offers supportive events

On top of meeting with employers individually, TalentED YYC is proud to host and collaborate on numerous events year-round. At these events, you can connect with post-secondary institutions, hear from other organizations in Calgary that host students, and gain access to insights that will help you support your student.

Follow us on LinkedIn to learn more about our events!

See? TalentED YYC makes it easy to find a summer student!

Wherever you are on the journey to enrich your organization with student talent, we are here to help.

Connect with our team and get ready to join the LinkedIn celebrations as we help you find and welcome your student!