Canadian or a Canadian location of a foreign-owned organization businesses, charity, not-for-profit organizations, hospitals, municipalities, economic development organizations, social enterprise, for-profit corporations, and crown corporations receiving no more than 50% of their revenues from government sources, not-for-profit (NFP) corporations such as industry associations, registered in Canada.

Mitacs funds Interns to undertake Applied Research projects (Accelerate program) OR Innovation projects (Business Strategy Internship program) under the supervision of an Academic Supervisor with a Sponsor Organization (the industry partner), applying innovative cutting‐edge tools, techniques, or methodologies to problems and challenges of interest to the organization.

Support innovation to generate knowledge and its transfer between academic and non-academic sectors. Support the creation and ownership of intellectual property in Canada. Provide work-integrated learning and professional skills training to increase the employability of post-secondary students.

Student Eligibility

  • Be a registered college, undergraduate, graduate student or postdoctoral researcher at a Canadian academic institution
  • Not be a current, active participant in another Mitacs program
  • Can be from any discipline or faculty
  • Can be recent graduates (2 years from graduation date), part-time or international students

Employer Eligibility

  • A for-profit corporation in Canada
  • An incorporated not-for-profit (NFP) organization in Canada
  • A municipality
  • Hospital

Projects Eligible for the Business Strategy Internship (BSI)

The Business Strategy Internship program focuses on innovation projects. Innovation projects are expected to lead to change and improvements for the partner and/or community through exploration, design, and implementation of improvements/efficiencies in business models, products, processes, or service delivery.

Projects Eligible for the Accelerate Program

The Accelerate program focuses on applied research. Researc builds on existing knowledge in a field and contributes to future research when it is shared with the wider community. Projects are expected to produce results of broader interest, in addition to any results that may be of interest only to the partner organization.  This idea of general applicability of results that could be publishable in a peer-reviewed venue distinguishes a research project from a consulting project.

How the Funding Flows

Interns are not hired directly by the organization

Sponsor organization sends funds to Mitacs

Mitacs add their contribution and send the total as a

Mitacs grant to the academic institution

The institution administers grants and pays the interns

Modules of 4-6 months funded at 15K or 10K each of which the industry partner contributes 50% (7.5k or 5k per internship unit).

Contact Mitacs

Industry: Trevor Wiltzen | 587.334.0532 |

University of Calgary:

Angelo Nwigwe | 403.836.6708 |

Annie Hoang | 403-462-7550 |

Mount Royal University:

Sarah Topps | 403-463-6321 |

Ami Wu | 403.923.8643 |