Student Work Placement Program – Business, Tourism and Multi-sectors


Venture for Canada, Ontario Chamber of Commerce’s TOP, and Magnet Student Work Student Placement Program collaborate with employers and educational institutions to support employers in accessing a pool of emerging talent and fostering a dynamic workforce for the future. Designed to help employers located anywhere in Canada hire college and university students on work-integrated learning (WIL) placements, within startups, entrepreneurs, multi-sector industries, and businesses in technology, life sciences, environment, healthcare, finance, manufacturing, education, and more.

Student Work Placement Program (SWPP) funding offsets the costs associated with hiring and training students in meaningful work experiences by providing reimbursements. This Government of Canada funding is administered by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) through 17 Employer Delivery Partners.

Student Eligibility

  • A Canadian Citizen, permanent resident, or a protected person defined by the immigration and Refugee Protection Act
  • Registered as a full-time student in a post-secondary institution program
  • Not an international student requiring (or on) a work permit
  • Not an immediate family member of the employer

Employer Eligibility

  • A registered Canadian business or organization 
  • Not a federal or provincial government organization
  • Financially capable of hiring a student for a part- or full-time work term, pay them consistently and provide a meaningful work experience
  • Remember that final decisions lie with the SWPP funding partners. This serves as a general guideline for employers’ reference
Ontario Chamber of Commerce Talent Opportunities Program

The Talent Opportunities Program (TOP) is an initiative of the Ontario Chamber of Commerce designed to help employers located anywhere in Canada hire college and university students on WIL placements. Employers hiring eligible students may receive a wage subsidy up to 50% of the wages (to a maximum of $5,000) for each ‘net new’ placement or 70% of the wages (to a maximum of $7,000) for each ‘net new’ placement for the following under-represented groups: Indigenous people, person with disabilities, a newcomer to Canada, first year student, visible minority and/or women in STEM. Please note that there is a limited pool of funding to support subsidies at the 70% level for under-represented groups. Should funding be exhausted, your application is still eligible for a subsidy at the 50% level.

Deadlines for applications: First-come, first-serve basis. New applications will be placed on the waitlist and will only be moved into processing if funding is available.

Additional Information: TOP Program

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Magnet Student Work Placement Program

Magnet Student Work Placement is an integral part of the SWPP, serving as an innovative platform connecting students, employers, and educational institutions. The program simplifies the process of securing work-integrated learning opportunities for students by matching them with suitable employers in various industries. Magnet’s comprehensive approach to work placements aims to increase the accessibility and diversity of experiential learning experiences, ultimately bolstering the employability and skills of Canada’s emerging workforce.

Deadlines for application:  Rolling, on a first-come, first-serve basis

Additional information: Magnet SWPP Program

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Venture for Canada

VFC is a student internship program designed for busy entrepreneurs. It is Canada’s only Internship Program that exposes driven university and college students to entrepreneurial & work-readiness training so they can contribute from day one. Both Hire Interns and 100% Subsidized Support offer. The Hire Interns program integrates trained and driven students and provides employers with wage support.

 To meet the conditions of VFC funding, businesses and internships must meet the following criteria:

  • A registered (pre-Covid) Canadian business or organization in a Canadian province or territory (except for ON)
  • Employ fewer than 500 people
  • Provide a safe and supportive internship that develops innovation or entrepreneurial skill-building opportunities

Unable to fund internships for/at:

  • International students
  • Recent graduates
  • Employers based exclusively in Ontario
  • Government departments and crown corporations
  • Credit unions
  • Post-Secondary Institutions

For application:  Internship Employer Interest Form

For application deadlines and additional information:  VFC Internship Program

The 100% Subsidized Support is Intrapreneurship program, the organization’s growth with talent paid for by VFC. Intrapreneurs are motivated groups of students, eager to gain work experience by tackling projects in marketing, research, data analytics, operations, and project management.

For application:  Intrapreneurship Project Partner Interest Form

For application deadlines and additional information:  VFC Intrapreneurship Program

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Tourism HR Canada (Propel)

The Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council’s Propel program serves as a funding delivery partner for student work placement opportunities within the Canadian tourism industry, targeting five different industry groups: accommodations, food and beverage services, recreation and entertainment, transportation, and travel services. These include businesses and organizations related to events, concerts, meetings and conventions, museums, galleries, cultural and heritage sites, destination marketing, tour operators, and more. By bridging the gap between education and employment, Propel aims to develop a skilled and motivated workforce that will contribute to the growth and sustainability of Canada’s vibrant tourism industry.

 Employer Eligibility:

  • Registered Canadian businesses, startups, and not-for-profits related to the tourism and hospitality sector.
  • The position must be a work-integrated learning (WIL) placement.

Placement Criteria:

  • Full- or part-time work-integrated learning opportunity
  • A minimum of 20 hours a week
  • A minimum of 4 weeks
  • With a tourism/hospitality employer and/or related to a tourism/hospitality job function

For application deadlines and other information: Please contact

Trucking HR Canada

Trucking HR Canada is the leading resource for employers in the Canadian trucking and logistics industry, dedicated to addressing HR challenges and talent development. As a funding delivery partner for the Student Work Placement Program (SWPP), Trucking HR Canada focuses on supporting the placement of students within the trucking sector. By offering students meaningful work placements and exposure to various career opportunities within the transportation sector, Trucking HR Canada strives to build a robust and skilled workforce that meets the industry’s evolving needs.

Funding Application Steps:

  1. Employers within the Canadian trucking and logistics industry can visit the Trucking HR Canada website to learn about the Student Work Placement Subsidy. (direct link)
  2. Review the eligibility criteria and program guidelines to confirm eligibility.
  3. Complete and submit the subsidy application form available on the website.
  4. Trucking HR Canada evaluates the employer’s application to determine their eligibility for the subsidy program.
  5. If accepted, the employer can proceed to recruit students for work placements within the trucking industry.
  6. The subsidy program provides financial assistance to employers to offset a portion of the student’s wages during the work placement.
  7. Employers and students collaborate to ensure a productive and enriching work experience within the trucking and logistics sector.

For application deadlines and other information: Please complete Trucking HR Canada Form  

Contact Information: