In October 2023, TalentED YYC launched a three-part employer workshop series to guide and support Calgary businesses and non-profits in hiring and engaging post-secondary students: 

  1. Recruiting and Utilizing Student Talent in Your Organization 
  2. Leveraging Funding to Create Paid Student Opportunities
  3. Welcoming Students Into Your Organization: Tools, Tips, and Resources  

Employers are welcome to attend one or all of the workshops to learn how to navigate student engagement. There are three employer workshops scheduled for November 2023 and additional sessions can be viewed on the TalentED YYC events calendar:  

Why should your organization participate in TalentED YYC’s employer workshops? Hiring and engaging post-secondary students can involve numerous stakeholders, options, and funding pathways. TalentED YYC recognizes that organizations may be in uncharted waters or seeking to enhance their current processes.  

7 reasons why employer workshops can be valuable to your organization’s student engagement journey: 

1. Navigating Student Talent: Post-secondary student engagement can be different from traditional hiring and recruitment. Employer workshops remove the guesswork from working with students, and TalentED YYC’s portal streamlines the talent-finding process.

2. Understanding Engagement Options: Dive into the six ways an organization can hire or engage a student and understand the difference between paid and unpaid roles. Learn the options available and tailor positions for your organizational goals.

3. Funding Resources: Financial support is crucial for many organizations looking to bring on student talent. TalentED YYC offers insights and understanding into funding streams, eligibility criteria, and grant application processes. Leveraging funding will help you create paid student opportunities.

4. Student Onboarding Tips: Research from the society of Human Resource Management (Onboarding New Employees: Maximizing Success), indicates that positive onboarding experiences increase employee commitment, satisfaction, and help build valuable positions.

5. Networking Opportunities & Expert Guidance: Each workshop includes dedicated networking time to create connections and collaboration. Workshops also feature guest speakers, such as funding and post-secondary representatives.

6. Access to Exclusive Tools & Resources: TalentED YYC provides attendees early access to valuable tools, such as the Student Placement Catalogue, Funding Resources, and Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Accessibility planning resources. These resources aid organizations in implementing what they have learned during the workshops.

7. Continuing Support: TalentED YYC provides ongoing support through your student engagement journey. The team can help you apply workshop learnings to your student search and when hosting students in new roles.

TalentED YYC’s employer workshops are a learning opportunity and an investment in your organization’s future.  


Enhancing productivity, addressing capacity issues, and engaging a pool of talented students in your organization is possible by applying what you learn at TalentED YYC’s employer workshops. We look forward to helping you navigate the process of engaging student talent!