Happy National Intern Day! Today, we celebrate the hard work, dedication, and enthusiasm of the interns who play a crucial role in shaping the future of our organizations. It’s the perfect time for employers to show their appreciation for the valuable contributions made by these talented individuals. Below are three creative ideas you can use to celebrate your interns!

Arrow Icon Acknowledge Their Achievements
Take the time to publicly acknowledge and commend your interns for their achievements. Whether it’s through an email, social media post, or during a team meeting, recognizing their hard work will boost their confidence and motivation.

Arrow Icon Host a Special Event
Organize a fun and interactive event in honor of your interns. This could be a luncheon, a team-building activity, or even a casual get-together where interns and full-time employees can bond and celebrate accomplishments and learning.

Arrow Icon Seek Feedback
Ask your interns for their feedback on your internship program. Listen to their suggestions and use this information to improve the internship experience for future participants.

Celebrating National Intern Day is not just about a single day of recognition; it’s about fostering a culture of support for your interns throughout their time with you.

By investing in their growth and success, you can contribute to building a brighter and more promising future for the workforce. To learn more about how you can support an intern, visit https://talentedyyc.com/ or connect with a member of our Employer Engagement team at info@talentedyyc.com.

So, here’s to our interns – Happy National Intern Day